6 tips for keeping staff engaged during peak cycles

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The busiest time of the year is upon us, with businesses in overdrive trying to get everything done before the Christmas holidays. Often during such busy times, employees can become stretched, overworked and disengaged trying to meet looming deadlines.

To ensure company success, it’s crucial for managers to ensure staff is engaged throughout the Christmas period, to ensure standards remain high, clients are happy and projects are delivered on time.

6 ways to engage staff at Christmas

  1. Recognize disengagement: In order for managers to address and resolve staff disengagement, they need to be able to recognize this behavior in their team. Being able to do so will allow you to combat the issue before it starts to have any impact on your team’s work and the overall company.
  2. Have one on one meetings with staff: To be able to recognize disengagement, managers must take the time to check in with each staff member regularly to see how they’re feeling and to address any areas of concern. Doing so will allow staff to voice any issues and in turn, allow you to manage these accordingly.
  3. Be engaged: It goes without saying, if you yourself are disengaged, this will rub off on staff members. Lead by example and ensure that even during the busiest periods you are engaged with each and every task, delivering projects on time and working to the best of your ability.
  4. Share successes: During busy periods, sharing company wins and successes with staff members is a great way to boost morale and in turn, engagement. Not only will staff feel pride in company successes that they contributed to, but sharing also makes staff members feel like an integral part of a team.
  5. Instill job purpose into each team member: It’s important for staff to feel that their job has a purpose and is contributing to the company overall. Make sure your staff is constantly aware of the importance of their role holistically, as well as their individual contribution to company wins.
  6. Work-life balance: It’s easy during particularly busy periods to get swept up in the chaos and allow work to take over your life. Make sure staff are taking adequate breaks, even just to go for a walk at lunch. Instilling a work-life balance in your team will ensure staff are engaged and working to their optimum ability.

Citrus Group Co-Founder, Paul Smith co-pioneered Australia’s first ever specialized call center recruitment agency in 1996. The company offers efficient and effective talent sourcing, facilitates flexible workplace arrangements, and ensures strong staff retention.


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