Using real words for real engagement

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A standout amongst the most basic occupations a pioneer has is to impart in a manner that is both connecting with and reasonable. However, a larger number of times than not, the default language of the business world is language and abbreviations.

The ascent of innovation in the working environment has seen a spike in the measure of language and abbreviations entering our every day language. Also, with the execution of light-footed, we are currently discussing scrums, dashes and squads.

We additionally appear to have the impulse to diminish everything to an abbreviation. For instance, we allude to our Employee Value Propositions as EVP, and the most recent craze is to diminish Employee Experience to EX.

The optics won’t be great on this venture in the event that we don’t get every one of the affairs in order and move the needle essentially enough to influence our EVP. How about we marinate medium-term, maybe run it up the EX flagpole and return by close of play tomorrow.

Actually, when we talk in language and abbreviations, we are secluding and separating our kin. On the off chance that our activity as a pioneer is to incorporate and draw in our associates, we have to begin utilizing genuine words rather than language.

In addition, utilizing language and abbreviations can result in noteworthy miscommunication with your group of spectators. You just need to take a gander at a couple of basic abbreviations and see the various implications they hold.

For example:

BPS can be Base Points or Bits Per Second

SME can be Subject Matter Expert or Small to Medium Enterprise

In 2014, Richard Branson composed a LinkedIn article titled ‘Why you ought to get rid of Jargon’. His opening section read:

“A few people love talking in language, utilizing extravagant words and transforming everything into abbreviations. Actually, I discover this just backs things off, befuddles individuals and makes them lose intrigue. It’s far superior to utilize a basic term and typical words that everybody will see, instead of appearing and irritating your group of spectators.”

We use language and abbreviations accepting they are a proficient method to impart. This can be the situation if everybody comprehends what they mean yet as a rule that isn’t the situation. Accordingly, conveying in language and abbreviations rather than genuine words turns into a wasteful method to impart. As Brandon says, it backs things off and it conceivably confounds individuals so they lose intrigue.

On the off chance that utilizing language separates individuals, it bodes well that individuals will be locked in by genuine words that they can identify with and get it.

I urge you to consider how you can utilize genuine words for all the more captivating correspondence. As George Orwell once stated: “Never utilize an outside expression, a logical word or a language word on the off chance that you can think about an ordinary English equal.”


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